Special Paint

Road Marking

ZURECHEM® road marking paints are used in a variety of applications including Urban Areas, Roads, Highways, Airports and Sport Racing Tracks. We take pride in supplying businesses with the best road safety products that are known for their durability, thermal stability, quick drying and their resistance to color fading. We improve driver safety with better pavement markings and road paint technologies that include; Waterborne Paints, Solvent-borne Paints, Thermoplastics, 2K and Resins.

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Textile ink

If you’re screen printing onto textiles using either manual or automatic presses, look no further! ZURECHEM® specializes in offering different types of inks used in printing and digital pigment printing. We also supply water-based printing inks that are helpful in printing on materials for blinds and sunshades, sports bags, racket sleeves, T-shirts, and casual clothing.

Special Paints Brand

From textile printing to road safety materials, ZURECHEM® has been the reputable manufacturer of fast-drying special paints ever since 2014, providing both; textile inks and road marking paints that are well-known for their quality, durability and most uniquely, customizability.